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In a world where every living thing is surrounded by an aura, there are two sides: the Light Zone (only the purest beings) and the Dark Zone (the most dreaded and dangerous beings). Every so often, a Zone Keeper, someone who can manipulate the zone found in the world, is born.

Klio is an upcoming beat-em-up/action game being developed by Toshiko Games. It tells the story of a 17-year old zone master named Klio, who must defeat an evil being called the Mysterious Shadow. Mysterious Shadow steals the pure Light Zone soul of Klio's grandfather in order to unleash eternal darkness.

Klio II: Final Hours is the sequel to Klio, which is also in development. A dark force is slowly corrupting a dictator-state called Stormrock City, lead by the tyrannical Duke of Zorn. Klio, who may very well be in grave danger himself, sets forth to usurp the Duke and stop the dark energy known as The Unstable.

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